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Trading name: Parker Processing Vietnam Co., Ltd
Address: Lot C1-2, Thang Long Industrial Park, Kim Chung Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Phone: +84-24-3881-0973
Fax: +84-24-3881-0974

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Mr. Satomi Kazuichi

Managing Director

Mr. Kashiwase Koji

Business manager

Mr. Kurahashi Hiroshi





250 people

Factory Area


Factory area



    Parker Processing Vietnam Co., Ltd. as the central enterprise of Nihon Parkerizing Group, a subsidiary of Parker Kako Company, and the first enterprise to build a factory in Thang Long Industrial Park, commune Kim Chung, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City in May 2000.

  Our company is proud to be one of the few companies specialized in surface treatment and heat treatment in Vietnam. In addition to specialized in surface treatment by chemical methods; surface treatment by electrolysis; Paint product surface features, since 2005, our company has expanded to specialize in heat treatment.

    Our surface treatment technology includes: surface lubricating treatment; treatment to improve surface adhesion to the paint film; anti-rust treatment with metal materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium to improve product quality features. In addition, we provide beauty coating technology for a wide range of products, including plastic materials for the purpose of enhancing the appearance value. With heat treatment technology, we are accepting orders from customers in the automotive, motorcycle and other spare parts industries. Heat treatment methods include carbon infiltration, chamber and well furnace nitriding, and Insonite infiltration.

    Our company has obtained the international standard certification of ISO environment, ISO quality (ISO9001、ISO/TS16949、ISO14001), with the goal of being the No. 1 company specialized in surface treatment and heat treatment. In Vietnam, as well as in Asia, our company is always aware of improving and acting under the motto QCDS: Quality – Price – Delivery – Service.


1. Metal surface treatment (Iron, aluminum)

(1). Zinc phosphate treatment (anti-rust treatment, treatment to improve adhesion to paint film, treatment of adhesive backing)
(2). Manganese phosphate treatment (Roughness treatment)
(3). Bonder treatment (Lubricating treatment for ductile processing)
(4). No-Chrome treatment (Free chromium treatment for aluminum materials)
(5). Processing Alumite

Lubrication treatment Handling Bonder Processing Alumite


(1). Decorative paint, beauty (Metal products, plastic products and rubber products)
(2). Paint feature: Create a slippery/non-slippery feature, increase heat resistance (Metal products, plastic products and rubber products)

Our paint equipment has a variety of types suitable for paint application methods such as hand spray paint machines, automatic paint machines, robot coating machines.

3.Heat Treatment

(1). Gaseous carbon permeation treatment: 09 furnaces
(2). Gas nitriding treatment: 02 chamber furnaces, 03 well furnaces
(3). Liquid nitriding treatment (Isonite treatment): 01 line
(4). My furnace: 04 furnaces
(5). Homo processing furnace: 01 furnace

Carbon absorbent furnace chamber furnace Well furnace nitriding furnace

4.Main product:

(1).Surface treatment, bonded painting, lubricating paint, heat treatment of motorcycle and automobile components (iron, aluminum, plastic materials).
(2).Alumite treatment, bonded paint, lubricating paint for camera components.
(3).Surface treatment, body coating of surveillance cameras and other components of industrial production (iron materials).
(4).Heat treatment, lubricating air compressor components.