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Bonded paint

With many years of experience, constantly researching, promoting the improvement of painting operations and techniques, conducting precision painting to meet a variety of requirements including pre-treatment stage; meet paint on many types of products from large size to small size, metal material products to non-metallic material products such as plastic, glass.

We can combine treatment of paint base to surface paint to create rich features for products such as luminescence, color adjustment, anti-fingerprint, antibacterial properties, etc., in accordance with each product’s requirements. office equipment (printers, computers, phones…), household electrical appliances (air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators).

Characteristics and types of solvent paints

Plastic name




Amino alkyd resin

(meramine resin)

Meramine resin is a mixture made of alkyd resin and urea resin.

Can be heated drying with short time, low temperature.

Household tools, iron and steel materials, office equipment, low voltage components, curtain frame boxes, home interior decoration products, lighting equipment…



Oil paint (varnish) with clear light color, good resistance to color change, can be mixed with most colors

High hardness, beautiful gloss, outstanding adhesion and elasticity.

Acrylic plastic



Acrylic resin is a thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic, derived from a general mixture of ethyl ester, acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, acrylate.

Oil paint (varnish) with a clear light color, good climate resistance, little gloss loss, especially good for use in environments containing a lot of ultraviolet rays.

Products for external decoration, curtain frames, door frames, fences, low voltage components, outdoor metal cabinets, road signs, exterior decorative products.

Very little change even in high temperature environment, excellent resistance to fog, anti-pollution, excellent solvent resistance.

Epoxy Resin

Hard plastic polyamine, amine adduct polyamide

Natural drying at room temperature, or can make the resin harder when dried, can be covered with a thick layer of paint for very good chemical resistance.

Insulating components, automotive components, water storage tanks, equipment attached to underground water lines, anti-rust building materials, products that need good water resistance and chemical resistance.

Amino hard plastic

Combined with etherified urea resin, etherified melamine resin helps to increase hardness. Excellent adhesion, solvent resistance, chemical resistance.



Phenol hard resin

Good elasticity, especially superior in chemical resistance.

Epoxy este

Primer paint creates adhesion, anti-corrosion properties.

Polyurethane resin

In paints using polymers combined with urethane, or in plastics containing isocyanate components.

Although it is a natural dry paint, it has the same features as dried paint, in addition to being superior.

Products for external decoration of buildings, curtain frames, application products of Acrylic and Epoxy resins.


Bonded paint