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Parker handles technology that contributes to society in all areas.

Parker Treatment was founded in 1948 as a surface treatment company, and has grown into a major player in the Parker Group. Since then, our high technology in metal and non-ferrous surface treatment has been adopted by companies in all industries in Japan and abroad, and contributed to society. From vehicles like cars and trains to buildings and bridges, car navigation systems, cameras and home appliances. It is an indispensable technology to produce and support your life without your knowledge. Then introduce where to use Parker process technology.


Discover around everyday life! All have Parker technology applications


There are many automotive product components that are applied technical features to create suitable slippage in order to prolong the service life and increase safety and reliability. Effective technical features such as: anti-creeping for moving bearing components, creating high-slippery speed for piston components in the engine, increasing the slippery performance of components of air conditioners and machines. Compressor, clutch clutch of automobile.


Equipment components used at stations, rail components, rail transport equipment components used in harsh environments, therefore always require surface treatment with anti-corrosion purpose. Electrochemical corrosion, wear prevention. Surface treatment to create high accuracy and durability for connecting components such as bolts to fix wooden boards with rails.


Construction machinery and equipment are used in harsh environments such as heavy rain and high winds. Our engineering features increase the durability, reliability, safety, aesthetics and corrosion resistance of fuel tank components, oil pressure lines, coupling gears.


Our technicians are also involved in surface treatment processing for outboard engines that are propulsion systems for boats. By our technique, it has helped to increase the gear surface hardness of the boat propulsion system clutch with two rotating shafts, increasing the service life, increasing safety, and highly effective anti-corrosion for the part. .


The aerospace industry always requires absolute precision operation in harsh operating environments. Parker machining techniques are applied in the surface treatment of components in the grooves of rocket separators, honeycomb panel components of artificial satellites. Increased corrosion resistance, durability, high reliability.


Surface processing for road signs, noise-proof wall panels. The purpose of the treatment is not only to prevent oxidation, increase safety, but also recently combine with bonded paint to increase design aesthetics and attract observers.


Surface processing is applied for the purpose of anti-oxidation, improving the reliability of the building, promoting the aesthetic beauty value of many construction components, from small components such as bolts and screws. to exterior and interior construction components, anti-vibration equipment, elevators.


Surface processing techniques are widely applied in your home. Thanks to the application of surface treatment suitable for the purpose of using for equipment and furniture in the house such as: stairs up and down, gas pipes, bed frames, etc., it is easier and safer to use.


Parker processing has a deep connection with solid structural works (bridges and roads, metal towers), works of historical value, and scenic works. Whenever you see such solid structural works, you should remember that our surface engineering makes a small contribution to building construction, for example surface treatment for bolts and screws. construction structure.


Surface processing plays a big role in optical devices such as camcorders, cameras, etc. The purpose of the treatment is to prevent electromagnetic waves, prevent slipping, etc. We realize that surface machining has many applications. in daily life.

In addition (Heat power generation, Wind power generation, robot components, refrigerators, air conditioners, pianos)

Equipment with metal materials requires Parker surface machining. Components such as gears for wind power generators, thermostats for thermal generators, refrigerator air conditioner components, piano components, fishing gear levers, equipment disassembly tools Repaired equipment (wrench, wrench)… are all Parker surface processed.

Main features of surface treatment machining
  • Reduce friction, balance friction in accordance with the product.
  • Does not generate operation errors.
  • Use products with stable features and functions.
  • The product is difficult to rust.
  • Create a beautiful appearance in terms of colors and textures.
  • The product is hard to destroy, hard to break.
  • The product is not subject to current flow.
  • The product is easy to slip, reducing the load of friction to save fuel.
  • Electromagnetic waves generated from the inside of the product do not leak out.
  • The product is non-slip.
  • Bolts are tightened by torque according to specification standards.